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Most companies talk about what they do in the about sections of their websites. Little focus is shed upon the people who are operating it.

But if you’re going to engage with a company to do business with them, don’t you want to make sure that you are able to fully get to know, like and trust the people you are working with? That is the exact same thing that the people who are seeking out your products and services are trying to do.

Get an understanding of our process and how we can make sure that people begin to see you as a dominating force in your industry by first getting to know, like and trust us.

Meet the members of the Influence Tree team here:

Leonard Kim – Managing Partner


Leonard Kim is a puppy lover and the managing partner at Influence Tree. He lives in Los Angeles. Leonard is a top of funnel marketer who is best known for creating ethereal content. Bio coming soon.

Jason Chen – Chief Financial Officer

Jason Chen Chief Financial Officer at Influence Tree

Jason Chen is an Asian food lover, camping lover and the chief financial officer of Influence Tree. He lives in Manhattan, New York, where he hosts large gatherings and parties where people come together and become a part of a community. Get to know, like and trust Jason Chen by reading his whole bio here.

Matthew Turner, Vice President of Funnels

Matthew Turner Vice President of Funnels Influence Tree

Matthew Turner is the funnel expert at Influence Tree. He lives in West Yorkshire, England and loves rugby, Star Wars and coffee. Matthew is the author of four books and has written content and set up funnels for some of the largest coaches, marketers and business people in the world. Get to know, like and trust Matthew Turner by reading his whole bio here.

Ceryn Chen, Vice President of Advertising


Ceryn Chen is a digital marketer, media buyer and vice president of advertising at Influence Tree. She is deep into spirituality and higher vibrations. Ceryn lives in Austin, Texas and has worked in the digital marketing space at agencies doing SEO, media buying, funnels and digital campaigns for the past decade. Get to know, like and trust Ceryn Chen by reading her whole bio here.

Jennifer Spencer – Vice President of Public Relations


Jennifer Spencer is a former Division 1 runner and the publicist at Influence Tree. She lives in Maryland where she mothers two dogs, a lab and a hound mix, named Lulu and Oakley. Get to know, like and trust Jennifer Spencer by reading her whole bio here.

David Mack – Vice President of Business Development


David Mack is an avid Seattle Seahawks fan and the business development officer at Influence Tree. He lives in Seattle, Washington with his three dogs, Pauly, Beanie and Lulu. David is the male Gayle to Leonard. Get to know, like and trust David Mack by reading his whole bio here.

Philip Wong – Vice President of Business Development

(bio coming soon)

Josef Cheng – Chief Creative Officer

Josef Cheng is a DJ, Visual Designer and Chief Creative Officer of Influence Tree. He lives in Los Angeles, California. Get to know, like and trust Josef Cheng by reading his whole bio here.

Sam Shah – Chief Operating Officer

Sam Shah is a pizza and diet coke lover and the chief operating officer of Influence Tree. He’s a husband and father of two children who lives in Jersey City, New Jersey. Sam ran his own trading desk, management consultancy and worked across Wall Street at Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Goldman Sachs, AIG, Morgan Stanley and New Star. He’s also worked at New York University and Viking River Cruises. Get to know, like and trust Sam Shah by reading his whole bio here.

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