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We provide a solution to a broken system. Instead of just teaching you how to go out and fend for yourself, we help you each step of the way.

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  • Learn from experts

    We teach you how to do everything:

    • Focus on what makes your brand unique
    • Highlight your unique value proposition
    • Build your reputation
    • Grow your audience
    • Attract customers and clients
  • Become publish-worthy

    We help you get into publications by helping you:

    • Create compelling content
    • Share a compelling story
    • Structure your message correctly
    • Connect with journalists in your field
    • Get recognized by the media
  • Grow your audience

    We have a team of growth hackers who help:

    • Get your content in front of more people
    • Increase blog subscriptions
    • Grow your social following
    • Build an engaged audience
    • Help you generate name brand recognition

Fragmented education makes learning harder.

Self help courses are all the rage. However, the education industry is so fragmented, it’s hard to actually learn what you need AND get practical help applying it.

But what does that mean?

Let’s compare it to making an online business. Before you can even launch your online business, you have to go through multiple vendors.

You were forced to:

This is what we call fragmentation, and it’s KILLING the education industry!

How does that apply to personal branding courses?

Two things happen with regular educational programs:

But what do they do with them after they learn?

Very few people actually go out there and do something with the education they gather. This means there’s a huge disconnect between teaching valuable skills and helping people put them into action. Most often, students still don’t know the answers to crucial questions:

Instead, students are left to figure out the next step for themselves, leading many to go back to the ineffective techniques they were using before, spend more on a different program, or moving onto something else.

What is different about InfluenceTree?

In such a fragmented and broken industry like online education, InfluenceTree brings together what education is truly meant to do:

Bring about tangible results.

People like us, we all want to build our personal or business brands. We want to be seen as experts in our industry. We want paying clients. In trying to fulfill this need, we seek out information and education to become better, to separate ourselves from the crowd.

But education is not enough. We also need to take action upon the skills we acquire.

InfluenceTree not only helps teach you how to build your brand, our course outline helps you build your influence as you learn:

But if that’s too much for you, then we give you options. You can just learn on your own, or you can hire our experts to do the work for you.

Why being an influencer means growing your business.

As an influencer, your goal is to share your messages. To share your vision. To share your expertise. To be a thought leader in your respective field. But ultimately, it is to build a secondary, or even a new primary income stream.

Companies are changing the way they advertise. They are moving away from doing the traditional methods of advertising. Now, they’re seeking out new influencers, such as yourself to help spread their message.

When you become an influencer, you can partner with companies to expand your or your brand’s personal audience and establish greater industry authority. Naturally, this means higher profits for you and your business.

What you will learn

We're a branding accelerator. This means we help you hyper-accelerate the growth of your personal or business brand.

Social media is changing the world. Companies start up and go bankrupt each day. People try to live their dreams. A small percentage succeed while the majority fail. But throughout it all, we are turning into a networking based society where we connect with, engage and share content we hold dear with others.

The market is ever-changing. Each day, algorithms and platforms change how they operate. Due to the ever-changing rules for each marketplace, we hold your hand through each step of the process to prepare you for the turmoil ahead, increasing your probability of success.

We care about you and your dreams. We have succeeded by paving our own way. Now, it's time to give back. We want you to succeed. If you don't succeed, then neither can we. So we go above and beyond to help you succeed.

Why? Because none of us win unless we all win together.

InfluenceTree gets you paid as you learn.

By definition, an influencer is someone who has credibility in their field and has a social media following of at least 10,000 people. Our goal is to help you become an influencer within one year of being with InfluenceTree.

Finding a sponsor to amplify your voice as an influencer is as hard as building your personal brand, if not harder. InfluenceTree partners with major brands across the world to help you succeed. After we help you become an influencer, you don’t have to go out there and search for sponsors. Instead, we bring them to you.

Stop wasting time on programs that don’t work.

Without InfluenceTree, if you were to go out and build your brand on your own, it would almost be as if you were gambling in Vegas.

If you’ve gone out there and tried to do it on your own, you know just how hard it really is. Quite frankly, all the odds are against you. Even with the proper education, just getting started can be overwhelming.

But why should you face the dilemmas of building a brand on your own? Wouldn’t you rather have someone hold your hand and walk you through the process until you can monetize your content?

InfluenceTree is kind of like having an inside man watching the cameras in the sky room at the casino, looking down on the hands of each player. With that kind of insight:

Why even take such a risk of trying to do it on your own, where you put in absolutely everything you have, for such a low chance of success?

With InfluenceTree, we have a bird’s eye view on the industry. We have the insights of exactly what is going on. We even know where the gold is.

So, why should you go out there to figure out your own path? Especially now, when that path can be laid out for you.

Why try to figure it all out alone? We've laid out the exact path to building your personal branding success.

Become an influencer and grow your brand Not ready yet? Take this quiz to see where you stand with your brand →
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Why try to figure it all out alone? We've laid out the exact path to building your personal branding success.

Become an influencer and grow your brand Not ready yet? Take this quiz to see where you stand with your brand →
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Why try to figure it all out alone? We've laid out the exact path to building your personal branding success.

Become an influencer and grow your brand Not ready yet? Take this quiz to see where you stand with your brand →